Radiation protective apron that protects you against radiation from wi-fi, mobile phones, tablets, induction stoves etc.


Easy to wear when you move around at home or at work.


Remember also to protect the children - both at home and at school. Children are particularly sensitive to radiation and absorb up to 60% more radiation than adults!


A must have, if you are pregnant and working close to wireless devices and / or induction stoves!


Reduces mobile radiation by up to 100%!

Radiation protective apron

  • Colour: dark blue

    Fabric: Durable denim fabric with 29% metal woven in to it.


    Metal: copper

  • Can be machine washed, but for longest possible durability, we recommend that you wash it by hand. in cold water.


    Can withstand washing powder.


    Do not twist the apron when it is wet (this can damage the thin metal threads that are woven into the apron). Let it air dry.