Sustainable Shampoo.

The reduce plastic campaign! Vegan shampoo without plastic packaging!

Our lovely shampoo bars are a wonderful natural alternative to liquid shampoo. They are specially formulated for use in hair and consist of pure nature - no chemicals, no synthetic drugs, no parabens and SLS, no PEG (polyethylene glycol), no palm oil & no plastic packaging! Whats not to like? :)

One bar corresponds to 3-400ml of liquid shampoo. Note that there is relatively little foam when washing with a shampoo bar.

Contains ia olive oil & coconut oil that gives both strong hair and counteracts dandruff. Added essential oils from Lavender.

Hand Made.

Shampoo bar - lavender

kr49.95 Regular Price
kr39.95Sale Price
  • The end of oceans of synthetic content into nature, and the huge disposal of plastic packaging.
    The shampoo bar is also perfect for travelling! Since it´s not liquid nore heavy, you can easily bring it through security in your carry-on luggage.

  • "The first days, my hair felt a little" heavier" then normally, but now it feels very soft and very easy to handle - and less "electric". Due to the content of natural oils, I think the shampoo bar is less suitable for greasy hair."