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Cell phone radiation according to the world:


  • France passed a law that prohibits cell phones in all schools across the country, as early as in 2010

  • Russia advises women not to use their cell phone during pregnancy. 

  • Israel advises against all use of cordless landlines.

  • Australia advises that children only uses cell phones for sending text messages.

  • English & Indian  authorities recommends that children & adolescents umder the age of 16 only uses cell phones if strictly necessary.

  • Chile in 2012 adopted a law regarding cell towers, that significantly reduces the irradiation of the population.

  • Germany discourages the use of Wi-Fi and cordless landlines.

  • Taiwan removed all cell towrs on, or close by, schools, as early as in 2007!

  • Canada Recommends that children and adolescents under the age of 18 limits their cell phone calls.


  • Children exposed to cell phone radiation have a 520% greater risk of developing brain tumors.

  • Children absorb 60% more mobile radiation than adults!

  • A baby alarm emits constant high frequency radiation, some even with a range of 2-3km!

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